Guyana Information and communication technology in education policy and master plan

Information and communication technology in education policy and master plan

Information and communication technology in education policy and master plan



Information Communication Technology (ICT) is an essential element of any education system today. The pace at which technology is transforming our lives is unprecedented, and education sectors need to keep pace with technological advancement. However, this is not the case.


This ambitious document is one of our many efforts to modernise and transform education in Guyana. It enables us to implement targeted, structured, and intentional strategies to leverage ICT for Education transformation. The areas covered in this document are the essential building blocks to support this endeavour.


As a sector, we are serious about ensuring this education transformation by leveraging ICT so that all students are exposed and have 21st-century skills to be able to work and interact competently in their work and study.


The five areas outlined in this document will enable us to address professional development opportunities for school leaders and the Ministry of Education Officials so that ICT can be used as a tool to plan for and promote learning.


We intend to transform information into a tool for educational improvement through our Education Management Information System (EMIS) by digitising our processes to have real-time data to support school improvement.


The inclusion of technology-assisted learning at the primary and secondary levels is the beginning of our efforts to foster the infusion and enactment of digital competencies across subjects and grades. As a sector, we have to be the driving force behind the use of digital tools in the industry, commerce and service areas. To do this we must ensure that our students have the exposure to the use of these digital tools and resources before going into the world of work. This exposure Will facilitate students’ career exploration and the use of advanced digital tools in the delivery of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET).


I am optimistic about where we are going regarding the digital transformation in this sector, and I know that what we envision is certainly achievable through the implementation of this EMIS Policy and associated Master Plan.


Honourable Priya Manickchand

Minister of Education



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Source: Ministry of Education Guyana – UNESCO.

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