Sainte Lucie Education Statistical Digest, 2020 – St. Lucia

Education Statistical Digest, 2020 – St. Lucia

Education Statistical Digest, 2020 – St. Lucia



The Education Statistical Digest is an annual publication of the Corporate Planning Unit of the Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations (DOEIGR). The 2020 Digest analyses data reflecting the academic year, which commenced in September 2019 and ended in July 2020. This Digest depicts trends and projections in various sub-sectors of the Education system. The Digest can be used by Policy Makers, Planners, Researchers and other personnel to make rational assumptions and sound decisions for the education system in Saint Lucia. Copies of the Digest can be requested from the DOEIGR or found on the Department’s website,

The production of this Statistical Digest commenced with the distribution of the Annual Education Census Questionnaires to public and private schools at all levels specifying that data reported must reflect what existed on October 15, 2019, unless otherwise specified. Additional sources of data included the Central Statistical Office, the Government’s Annual Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure and the various units of the DOEIGR.


The 2020 Digest highlights data on various constituents and components of the education sector. It reports on student enrolment, dropouts, repeaters and graduates. Data are included on teachers, local and regional examinations, education financing and student welfare programmes. The data compiled are used to calculate indicators which are necessary to monitor the progress of numerous targets and goals such as the monitoring indicators for the 2015-2020 Education Sector Development Plan. These indicators are used by the DOEIGR and National Government as well as regional and international agencies such as the OECS, Caribbean Development Bank, World Bank, UNICEF and UNESCO. They assist in the monitoring, evaluation and review of the education system’s progress in achieving its targets and goals for example Education for All (EFA), Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The DOEIGR is grateful for the assistance provided by education officers, principals and other ministry personnel. We look forward to your continued cooperation in the provision of accurate and timely data for future publication and the advancement of our education system.


For further information or suggestions concerning the Digest contact the Corporate Planning Unit via telephone at + (758) 468-3220/3221/5252 or email at [email protected].



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Source: Departament of Education, Government of Saint Lucia.

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